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Resources For Grades 6-12

Need a helping hand with mathematics or writing? Or how to choose a major? Select your level of schooling and find an online match to your current needs.

Middle School

Homework Help

Academic and Career Planning

  • Adventures in Education
    Plan for college, starting in middle school. Learn what courses to take now that will help you later.
  • Planning Timeline
    Jump ahead of your classmates by exploring career paths, take career assessment tests, chat with professionals, and discover your strengths.

Educational Fun

  • Show Me The Future
    Play the game that reveals your future and its challenges. Become familiar with the cost of living, budgeting, and others aspects of growing up.

High School


  • Discovery Education
    Visit the Students section for help with homework, and explore the full site for interactive lessons, real time assessments, and more.
  • Test Taking Tips
    Check out these useful cramming techniques, note taking tips, and ways to reduce test anxiety.
  • Writing Skills from infoplease
    Create your drafts by following these handy tips. Find advice about bibliographies, research reports, and grammar.

Mathematical Skills & Tips

    On the website Webmath, an individual gets all the advantages of a Discovery Education website that is tailored to mathematics. It also goes beyond helping the user solve mathematical problems.


  • ACT
    In this website, the user is able to find out all they need to know about the ACT including, but not limited to, tests dates, ACT codes, test preparation, and more.
  • SAT
    Along with information about the SAT, this website provides the user with practice tests, tests dates, college planning tips, college search assistance, and more.
  • GRE
  • GMAT