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SSS Programs & Events

The Student Support Services Program provides a variety of workshops and events to enhance the skills and knowledge students need to excel in their college careers.

Academic Workshops

SSS provides our participants with a variety of academic-focused workshops to help them develop the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their academic studies.

Sample topics include: Study Skills & Learning Styles, How to Write References, Speed Reading, Note Taking Strategies, Effective Presentations, Tablet vs. Paper Notes, Math Exam Tips, Conquering Procrastination, Time Management, Transfer Student Success, Educational App Resources, McNair Information Sessions, Research Opportunities, etc.

Financial Literacy Workshops

SSS is committed to helping students develop strong financial literacy skills. We provide workshops for students with all the information they need not only to apply for FAFSA and navigate their college career, but also prepare for their personal finances after college.

Sample topics include the FAFSA Workshop, Managing Money as a College Student, Writing Essays for Scholarships, How to Finance Graduate School, Credit: All You Need to Know, Loans: Pay What You Owe, Dealing with Debt, Budgeting for Life After College, etc.

Career Workshops & Events

FIU’s Career and Talent Development provides a wide variety of excellent workshops and events to develop students’ career skills and knowledge. SSS promotes our students attending these events.

Sample topics include: How to Prepare for the Career Fair, Networking Skills, Interviewing Skills, Salary Negotiations, Internships, Resume/Cover Letter Writing, Internship Fairs, Career Fairs, LinkedIn for Personal Branding & Networking, Pathways to Federal Employment, Careers Abroad, etc.

Cultural Workshops & Events

SSS wants to provide students with workshops that fit their needs. We are open to suggestions from students about topics that are important to them. Many of our workshops have developed from their suggestions and focus on a variety of cultural and social topics.

Sample topics include Study Abroad Workshop, Social Media Workshop, Stress Busters Workshop, 7 Habits of Highly Effective College Students, National TRiO day, Professional Correspondence, Getting Ahead on the Job, etc.

Graduate School Preparation Workshops

One of SSS’s goals is to help students prepare for and get into graduate school. In order to do so, we not only work with students in our one-on-one counseling appointments but also through putting on a series of graduate school focused workshops and events.

Sample topics include: Prepping for and Applying to Graduate School, Medical and Law School Information Sessions, the Graduate School Dilemma, GRE Prep Resources Workshop, LSAT and MCAT Prep, Acing the Personal Statement, etc.

Special Programs

First Generation Day

In 2017 the COE Board in partnership with NAPSA – Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education and other higher education organizations, celebrated the Inaugural First-Generation College Celebration across campuses in the United States on November 8, 2017 – the 52nd Anniversary of the Higher Education Act of 1965.

We will celebrate this yearly on November 8th. Please share your participation via social media with #celebratefirstgen.

National Trio Day

National TRiO Day is a day of celebration, reflection and action around increased access to higher education for disadvantaged students. Federal TRiO Programs help low-income and first-generation students enter college and earn a college degree. Every year on the last Saturday of February, high school and college students, teachers, Members of Congress, local officials, TRiO Program staff, participants and alumni and many others:

  • Celebrate the positive impact of federal TRiO Programs in our communities throughout the nation.
  • Reflect on the importance of educational opportunity programs in creating a fairer society for all Americans.
  • Act to protect and further access to higher education for low income and first-generation students.

Academic And Co-Curricular Awards

Yearly Student Support Services recognizes students who are excelling in their academics and co-curricular participation through our end-of-year awards program. This ceremony is a way for our students to celebrate their academic and co-curricular accomplishments with family and friends.

Mentor Program

The SSS Peer Mentor Program matches all new, freshmen SSS Students with junior or senior SSS students in the same major or career field who have been trained as peer mentors. A TRiO mentor is a committed upper division student, who has gone through many of the same trials mentees will face during the transition and who not only knows what it takes survive but also thrive while at FIU. Students can turn to their peer mentors for guidance specific to their majors, classes, and career, for tips on connection with professors, getting involved on campus, and more. The mentor program is meant to compliment SSS services in fostering not only academic excellence in first-year college students, but also to increase their feelings of support and connectedness to FIU.