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FL-AGEP Programming

Sisters of the Academy (SOTA) Research Bootcamp® (RBC)
Our programs are designed to provide expertise and leadership in implementing, adapting, and sustaining an innovative Sisters of the Academy (SOTA) Research Bootcamp® (RBC) pathway model at each alliance institution.

The SOTA-RBC pathway is inclusive of an intensive, one-week program and continuous mentoring, coaching, and networking designed to assist women doctoral students, post-doctoral scholars, and junior faculty members in developing the skills necessary for success in the academy. Distinguishing features of this model include: (1) product-driven outcomes, (2) discipline specific mentoring, and (3) developmental training for post-doctoral scholars.

Annual Research Symposium

An annual research symposium will provide a platform for participants to present their research to the scholarly community, promote recruitment and retention within the academy, and catalyze research collaborations.

Symposiums will be held at the respective FL-AGEP Alliance institutions.

Professional Development Activities

Selected FL-AGEP participants will be provided a one-year membership to the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity (NCFDD). This program provides tools and strategies that help participants to thrive in academia; achieve writing and research goals; and establish a network of mentors, sponsors, and collaborators.

Additionally, longitudinal faculty development opportunities that are essential to assuming a faculty position such as guest lectures, teaching and mentoring workshops, and teaching demonstrations will be offered.

A calendar of upcoming professional development activities will be forthcoming.