Little Haiti

The partnership’s expansion into Little Haiti in 2016 was made possible by a local philanthropist’s $2 million donation. The gift, the largest given to The Education Effect, came from Rose Ellen Greene, a longtime volunteer at Jesse J. McCrary Jr. Elementary School. The expansion into McCrary Elementary marks the first time the program will be working with students, their parents and the community, and will incorporate researchers, faculty and staff from FIU’s Center for Children & Families, a nationally recognized interdisciplinary clinical center committed to improving the lives of children and families.


  • Community-wide needs assessment and community asset mapping.
  • Programs to improve reading, math, writing, and science proficiency.
  • Increase student attendance (current attendance rate is 94%).
  • Improve teacher retention and provide ongoing professional development for teachers.
  • Increase the number of students prepared for grade promotion.
  • Increase engagement of families, community members, and students participating in community programming including growth activities in feeder schools.
  • Increase number of students attending middle school and high school within feeder pattern.
  • Increase number of students who are college ready and career prepared.
  • Collaboration with FIU Center for Children & Families.
  • Implementation of Golden Panther Academy to promote family-centered academic success.


I saw the real possibility of what an investment in FIU’s Education Effect program, in partnership with M-DCPS, could achieve. I am excited about the mission and vision of this program and feel fortunate that I am able to contribute.

Rose Ellen GreeneLocal Philanthropist/Donor