In 2011, The Education Effect, was established as the university’s community school partnership model in Miami’s urban core. The Education Effect deploys the creative, research and human resources of FIU to ensure academic and personal achievement for all students.

The vision of The Education Effect is for all students to have access to educational opportunities and high quality equitable public education. The Education Effect is committed to positively impacting “whole child, whole school, and whole community” through strategic collaborations that increase the collective capacity for all children to succeed and thrive in education.

The mission of The Education Effect is to serve as a connector of resources and assets that strengthen schools, families, and communities in order to improve student learning and life outcomes. As a university community school partnership, there is a focus on health care and developing 21st century academic and workforce readiness skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, team work, collaboration, communication, self-direction/personal responsibility, creativity, invention, and information technology.

The goal of The Education Effect is to increase the capacity of students to succeed in school and graduate high school and college through collective action and strategic partnerships that advance positive community engagement.

Overarching Goals/Outcomes/Priorities

School Improvement

  • Improve teaching and learning: Offer professional development programs in key STEAMECH subject areas.
  • Provide effective curriculum support and enhanced learning activities.
  • Positive behavior support in collaboration with Center for Children and Families.
  • Engage students in rigorous afterschool and summer programs.

Support Student Success And Promote Positive Pathways

  • Inform and inspire students to pursue higher education.
  • Give students access to ACT/SAT test preparation.
  • Offer Dual Enrollment and support other credit bearing courses to assist students in preparing for postsecondary education.
  • Ensure students participate in an extended learning visit at FIU for a hands-on experience in a field of interest, thereby increasing familiarity with campus life and developing confidence about college.
  • Increase number of high school students enrolling and succeeding at FIU.
  • Enable high school graduates to be admitted to FIU with the academic support of a summer transition program.
  • Assist students to develop critical life and academic skills to become productive members of society.
  • Provide guidance and support through resource coordination, peer counseling, financial aid, scholarship assistance, leadership development, and conflict resolution.

Promote Family Involvement And Community Engagement

  • Strengthen students’ network of support by hosting parent outreach workshops focused on academic success and college access.
  • Identify and engage community partners to align efforts and resources.
  • Partner with feeder schools to promote readiness for high school achievement.
  • Create new outreach to elementary and middle schools’ curriculum.
  • Develop a comprehensive program to amplify The Education Effect’s reach to middle and high school college bound students.

Increase Strategic Partnerships

  • The Education Effect is committed to working with educational stakeholders and agencies to provide educational opportunities and resources to be successful in school and beyond.
  • Collaborate with organizations with a common agenda/vision.
  • Work directly with partners to expand educational opportunities for youth development.
  • Informal and formal services that provide students, teachers, parents, and schools support to achieve fair and equitable outcomes.